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Il Borgo di Olive

Castello Di Sismano

Past Meets Present

In A Historic Umbrian Hilltop Retreat

Il Borgo di Olive offers local residents lively gathering places and tourists the opportunity experience authentic Umbrian culture and cuisine in a tranquil hilltop village with a medieval castle just a short distance from the bustle of Rome and Florence.

History meets innovation

Il Borgo di Olive celebrates the history of Umbria and the Castello in new and creative ways — from the emblems of the region’s hunting clubs and scenes of medieval hunts hand-painted on the walls of La Taverna to the portraits of medieval women given an update on the suites’ walls. And there are new uses for ancient artifacts found throughout the borgo. Medieval bedwarmers become hanging light fixtures. Old wine presses form the base of a bar and ancient terra cotta tiles find new life as flooring and sconces. A piece of Roman travertine becomes a table for tasting Umbrian wines. And there’s more…just ask us.

Our History

A Tumultuous History

The green and peaceful surroundings of today’s Sismano belie its history. Built in the 11th century as part of the defenses of the town of Todi, Castello di Sismano was partially destroyed and rebuilt several times during six centuries of war and shifting alliances among Italian city states and powerful families. In 1324, it was part of a bloody battle between Todi and Perugia and then endured centuries of a violent vendetta between two local noble families, the Atti and the Chiaravalle, which resulted in turmoil and tragedy.

During a more peaceful interlude, Castello Sismano was also the residence of the future Pope Boniface VIII. In 1607, the castle was bought and rebuilt by a member of the powerful Corsini family of Florence and remained in the Corsini family for more than four centuries.

And we are making history now…

From the moment she first saw Castello di Sismano, Meg Roberts envisioned a place where Umbrians could dine and celebrate special events with family, friends, and community. A place where cacciatore from the region could stay while on wild boar hunts and guests from afar could sample Umbrian culture in a spectacular setting.

Her vision developed into a plan while she managed two major hotel renovations in the region.

Then in 2018, Le Terre Del Papa, s.r.l, one of Umbria’s leading olive oil producers, purchased the castle and grounds to expand their operation by planting over 500,000 new olive trees and developing a modern extra virgin olive oil production plant.

Meg approached the Del Papas to consider leasing some of the borgo buildings to be renovated for restaurants and guest suites, and they agreed. Meg then shared her ideas with her daughter, Jenny Burr, who has extensive experience in project design, construction and event management. To Meg’s delight, Jenny said she wanted to join the team and JMC Properties was born. The project, named Il Borgo di Olive, includes two restaurants, 11 reappointed suites, two apartments (with more to come!), and an enoteca.


What People are Saying

“A Local Treasure”

"We are thrilled with what has been done to this property, they have brought back a local treasure!"

Pamela D.

“Fabulous food”

"This has become our new favorite spot to bring friends and family when they are visting. "

Anthony R.

“But Even Better!”

"This food reminds me of my nona's cooking, true comfort food!"

Maria S.


"What an amazing location, the views are breathtaking and the atmoshpere is calm and inviting. We can't wait to come back."

Carlene L.

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12 Borgo Corsini,
Località Sismano,
05020 Sismano TR

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