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Il Borgo Di Olive

Meg Roberts brings 35 years of experience as a decorative painter, designer, and manager of major renovations in both the hospitality industry and private homes. A Rhodesian by birth, she has lived and worked in Europe and the United States but found her true home in Sismano. Meg is known in the community for her indomitable work ethic, artistry, creative imagination, and green thumb. With her talent and her passion to honor the region’s history, Meg has put her mark on every inch of Il Borgo di Olive’s restoration.

Although based in the United States, Jenny Burr is Meg’s business partner in Il Borgo di Olive (and also her daughter). Her passionate support and extensive experience in project design, construction and event management has been critical to Il Borgo’s formation.

Caretaker Simoni Marcucci’s infectious laugh and exuberant song lifts everyone’s spirits as he tends the garden, stocks the fireplaces, keeps the pool pristine, and does anything else that needs to be done.

Maître d’ Simone Crecensi’s warm welcome to Ristorante di Olive makes you feel like you’re a friend who’s come  back to a familiar place, even if it’s your first time.

Gheorghe Jitea’s genius as a master builder and stone mason  is visible everywhere at Il Borgo di Olive. His crowning achievement may be the giant wood-oven in the restaurant, which he built from an ancient design.

Biscotti, an arrival (courtesy of Meg’s  grandchildren) from the local dog shelter and the newest addition to the team, her pup Giuseppe.

There are many others who have lent their support, talent and expertise to this effort. They know who they are…and we thank them.





































































































































































































































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