Special Events

Special Events

Holidays and celebrations are central to the Italian way of life because family, religion, community, and food are the core of Italian culture. Italians take each of these as an opportunity to be together as an extended family—and not just once a year, but all year around.

Each holiday or festival gives the town a chance to show off what they do best—mostly concerning food—perhaps a particular sauce or way of roasting rabbit. Surrounding towns support each other’s festivities.

At Il Borgo di Olive, we take part in our community by holding public celebrations ourselves…it could be an opera night, a Valentine’s event, a porcini night…and everyone is invited. Follow us on Instagram and sign up for our Il Borgo Eventi! email, so you can reserve your place at the party!

Ci vidiamo!

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Because of the disruption caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, some of these festivals may be postponed or cancelled this year. Please check the websites listed below to see if the particular event you are interested in will be held.

For these and other special events, go to www.umbriaeventi.com (it’s in Italian); if you want it in English, Google Umbria Events, find their website and click Translate this Page.


New Year’s Day January 1
Epiphany January 6
Easter (Pasqua) April 4
Easter Monday (Pasquetta) April 5
Liberation Day April 25
Labour Day May 1
Republic Day (Festa della Repubblica) June 2
Feast of the Assumption August 15
Ferragosto    August 15
All Saints’ Day November 1
Feast of the Immaculate Conception December 8
Christmas Day December 25
St. Stephen’s Day December 26


Summer festivals in small towns called Sagre or Feste Paesane are a tradition all over Italy from May through November. These festivals are all about food, and there is music and dancing till early morning in the town squares. Each town features something special to that locale, like Sismano’s Stinco di Mailale. The purpose of the Feste Paesane is to raise money to help the town’s elderly, sick and needy…and, of course, for everyone to celebrate the joy of community.

Check these websites: (for English speakers, Google “Umbria Sagre”. You will find the websites below and click “Translate This Page”)





Eurochocolate, Perugia — a celebration of Italy’s chocolate. (October) http://www.bellaumbria.net/en/eurochocolate/

Nero Norcia — a celebration of the black truffle. (February)

Mostra Mercato di Pasqua — an Easter market exhibition of artisanal and agricultural products. (April)  https://www.umbriaeventi.com/mostra-mercato-di-pasqua-citta-della-pieve-5280.htm

Porchettiamo — a celebration of an Italian specialty…roasted pork. (May)


Trasimeno Blues, Lake Trasimeno — international festival celebrating the Blues and it’s influences. (late August) http://trasimenoblues.it/festival/

Spoleto Music Festival — features a broad range of music over two-week period. (June/July) http://www.comune.spoleto.pg.it/turismoecultura/en/festival-dei-2-mondi/

Umbria Jazz Festival-Perugia — one of Italy’s most famous Jazz festivals. (scheduled for July 9-18, 2021) https://www.italybyevents.com/en/events/umbria/umbria-jazz-festival-perugia/

Festival delle Nazioni, Città di Castello — a chamber music festival featuring the music of a different country each year since 1968. (August/September)
Festa di San Francesco, Assisi — Celebration of St. Francis of Assisi , brotherhood and peace with local ceremonies. Followed the next day with a street market. (early October)

Gubbio Medieval Festival — Ten centuries (476-1492) of history in a celebration of Medieval times: cultural events, exhibitions, markets and shows. (scheduled for September 22-29, 2021) https://www.italybyevents.com/en/events/umbria/middle-age-festival-gubbio/

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