Wedding Ceremony

Wedding Ceremony

Whether your wedding takes place in one of the two consecrated churches (available for Catholic ceremonies only), outdoors in the Giardino di Olive (the original terrace of the Castle), or indoors at the Ristorante di Olive or in the Salone della Fortuna, every corner of Il Borgo di Olive has its own special charm and has been refined down to the smallest detail. The passionate restoration has brought alive a romantic medieval beauty that is told in every stone, in every fresco, and in every planting.

Church of the Madonna delle Grazie

The charming Chiesa di Madonna delle Grazie sits near the entrance of the borgo. Completely restored, it is intimate, welcoming and romantic. After the ceremony, take the ancient pedestrian walkway to the restaurant and castle terraces (just like in a Fellini movie), passing the ancient stone retaining walls and floral profusion of the borgo.
Capacity: 25 (Catholic ceremonies only)

Church of Sant’Andrea Corsini

The heart of life for the local community is the Chiesa di Sant’Andrea Corsini, the largest of the two churches. Commissioned by the Corsini family in the mid 17th century and built at the foot of the castle, the church has a single large central nave. The frescoes and paintings that decorate the church are attributed to artists such as Andrea Polinori Pa and Miro Alvi.
Capacity: 120 (Catholic ceremonies only)

Giardino di Olive

The original terrace of castello, Giardino di Olive , offers both breath-taking views of the countyside and the imposing presence of Castello di Sismano.

The panoramic vista— especially at sunset—offer the perfect setting for a sumptuous buffet or a sit-down dinner or lunch. At the centre of the terrace, with its small ancient fountain, is a truly enchanting spot for cutting a cake. With the castle as a backdrop, a hand wrought iron arch provides an intimate setting under which many couples have said their vows. At night, the walls of the castle are strikingly lit, providing an atmosphere of romance and drama.

Giardino di Olive lies at the foot of the entrance stairs of the castle and can be open to the Sala di Olive through two grand wooden French doors, giving you the option of choosing to use either one or both of the spaces.
Capacity: 120 for seated dining
                       200 for standing reception

Terrazza della Poeta

Outside Sala di Camino and just below the Giardino di Olive is the Terrazza della Poeta. Its name reflects the romance and poetry of the sunset views and the colors which change moment by moment—a place for timeless photos, or a welcoming aperitif for your guests.
Capacity: 60 seated
                     120 standing























































































































































































Salone della Fortuna

The regal cardinal red that accents walls and lights of Salone della Fortuna, creates a brilliant contrast with the greys of the borgo stone and the soft colors of the surrounding landscape. A large fireplace, lit during the winter, makes this room a warm and welcoming space for the intimate moment of your ceremony. It has a small well-equipped bar for the convenience of our guests. After the ceremony, it is a short stroll down the borgo lane to Ristorante di Olive for the reception meal.
Capacity: 30 seated                  


Extensive guest parking is available in the lower main lot at the base of the castle. There are stairs leading up to the borgo entrance. There is a smaller, upper-level parking lot available for the wedding party, disabled guests, and catering staff.


We are famous for draping Il Borgo di Olive in the elegant simplicity of wildflowers. Depending on the season, lavender, roses, daisies, olive branches, branches of the forest, precious laurel and other gifts of nature are our materials.

With our capable and artistic in-house staff, we can take care, not only of the Borgo, but also of the church. Of course, you are welcome to choose your own florist for your occasion.

Photographic Locations

The 11th century Castello di Sismano provides a spectacular backdrop for dramatic and memorable portraits. You can also ask for permission to access the private internal courtyard where you can take wonderful photos, especially in front of the ancient original doors.

We always invite your photographer to visit before the event so we can showcase, not only the spaces where the wedding will take place, but also the whole picturesque setting of Il Borgo di Olive.

Priest Contact

For information on religious ceremonies or to find out about having your Catholic ceremony at one of these churches, contact the parish priest, Don Piero Grassi, at or 0744933003.

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